Animation Cels & Production Art

Animation cel of Gadget hovering in mid-air with the Gadget Copter.

Animation cel of Gadget and Professor Mongul from episode "Weather in Tibet."

Animation cel of Gadget and Professor Venom from episode "Snakin' All Over."

Production art sketch #1: Gadget as he aims a dart. (Drawn in red pencil.)

Production art sketch #2: The Gadget Arm holds a crosshair while the inspector aims the dart.

Production art sketch #3: Gadget holding another dart in his hand.

Miscellaneous Images

Chief Quimby gets blown out of a fireplace, presumably from his self-destructing assignments.

The face of Dr. Claw. (From an action figure; never seen on the show.)

What Gadget's driver's license photo might look like.

Gadget flying on his helicopter while Penny and Brain float alongside him via balloon.

Gadget hanging from an overhead bar.

Gadget is pleasantly surprised to find Penny and Brain are safe.

Gadget is too busy reading a map to notice the shark in front of him.

Penny and Brain laughing after Gadget takes a nose dive to the floor.

Penny and Brain standing in front of their front door, after Gadget crashes through it.

Penny, Brain, Quimby and Gadget.

Penny, Inspector Gadget and a lion.

Screen Captures

Chief Quimby inside Gadget's television set.

Chief Quimby holding his pipe.

Chief Quimby, Gadget, Penny and Brain next to a defused bomb. From "Volcano Island."

Dr. Claw's infamous fist.

Dr. Claw speaks to Louise Lane on his computer. From episode "So It is Written."

Gadget and the fake Mr. Greenfinger. From episode "Greenfinger."

MAD Cat, much-abused pet of Claw and perhaps the most evil kitty in the world.

Robo Gadget, the MAD-made mechanical impostor. From episode "Doubled Agent."