#1: Gadget in Winterland (aka Winter Olympics)
Greg Duffell            MAD Torch Carrier / MAD Agent #2
Don Francks            The Mad Yodeler
Dan Hennessey        Announcer
Hadley Kay              Interviewer / Policeman
Mona Marshall         Penny
John Stephenson      Chief Quimby / Policemen / Announcer #2
Frank Welker           Abominable Snow-Bot

#2: Monster Lake
Don Francks            Professor Frumpkin
Dan Hennessey        MAD Agent

#3: Down on the Farm
Greg Duffell           MAD Agent / Agent 612
Don Francks           Big MAD Agent / General Store Clerk
Dan Hennessey       MAD Agent #3

#4: Gadget at the Circus
Dan Hennessey       Ringmaster / MAD Clown
Hadley Kay             Zucchini Brother

#5: The Amazon
Melleny Brown        Amazon Annie
Greg Duffell            Hangnail
Don Francks            Professor von Slickstein

#6: Health Spa
Melleny Brown        Madamť
Don Francks           Big MAD Agent

#7: The Boat
Greg Duffell            MAD Agent
Don Francks            Big MAD Agent
Dan Hennessey        MAD Milkman

#8: Haunted Castle
Don Francks            Big MAD Agent
Dan Hennessey        MAD Agent

#9: Race to the Finish
Don Francks            MAD Agents / Claw (mumbling)
Dan Hennessey        Race Announcer / MAD Agent

#10: The Ruby
Greg Duffell            Number Two
Don Francks            Professor Lasre
Dan Hennessey        Prison Guard
Hadley Kay              Merchant / Bad Guy in Street / MAD Agent

#11: A Star Is Lost
Melleny Brown        Nurse
Greg Duffell            MAD Agent
Hadley Kay             Rick Rocker / Doctor

#12: All That Glitters
Melleny Brown        Henrietta
Jeri Cradden            Police Detective
Don Francks            MAD Agent #2 / Willard
Hadley Kay              MAD Agent #1
Terry-Thomas          Archeologist

#13: Movie Set
Melleny Brown        Lana Lamour
Dan Hennessey        Director

#14: Amusement Park
Dan Hennessey        MAD Agent / Mayor
Frank Welker           City Official

#15: Art Heist
Don Francks            MAD Agent #2 / Flower Shop Owner
Dan Hennessey        MAD Agent #1
Hadley Kay              Security Guard

#16: Volcano Island
Jeri Cradden             MAD Prophet
Greg Duffell             Guard of the Volcano
Hadley Kay               Man on Beach

#17: The Invasion
Melleny Brown        School Teacher
Jeri Cradden            Additional Voices
Greg Duffell            Additional Voices
Don Francks            MAD Agent
Dan Hennessey        MAD Agent
Hadley Kay              Additional Voices

#18: The Infiltration
Frank Welker           Presto Change-O

#19: The Curse of the Pharaoh
Greg Duffell            MAD Sarcophagus Thief #1
Don Francks            MAD Sarcophagus Thief #2
Dan Hennessey        MAD Agent / MAD Mummy

#20: Map Trap
Melleny Brown       Mother / Art Teacher
Greg Duffell           Dr. Claw (alternate)
Dan Hennessey       The Rat

#21: Basic Training
Greg Duffell            Dr. Claw / Parrot / MAD Agent
Don Francks            Engineer
Dan Hennessey        MAD Train Conductor

#22: Sleeping Gas
Don Francks            Hotel Concierge
Dan Hennessey        MAD Desk Clerk / MAD Bellhop

#23: Gadget's Replacement

#24: Greenfinger
Greg Duffell            MAD Agent
Don Francks            Mr. Greenfinger
Dan Hennessey        MAD Agent
Hadley Kay              Impostor Mr. Greenfinger

#25: Gadget Goes West
Melleny Brown         Ms. Blockentackle
Greg Duffell            Dr. Claw
Dan Hennessey        Strong Man / Rattlesnake Bart
Frank Welker           Bartender

#26: Launch Time
Don Francks            Astronaut
Dan Hennessey        MAD Saboteur / Manager / Guard / Speaker Voice

#27: Photo Safari

#28: The Coo-Coo Clock Caper
Melleny Brown        Woman With Watch
Greg Duffell            Dr. Claw
Don Francks           The MAD Yodeler / MAD Agent
Dan Hennessey       MAD Watcher / Mayor / Clockmaker
Hadley Kay             Skier

#29: Bermuda Triangle
Dan Hennessey       First Mate / MAD Agent

#30: The Japanese Connection

#31: Arabian Nights

#32: A Clear Case
Jeri Cradden              MAD Diamond-Suit Maker / MAD Security Monitor
Don Francks             Big MAD Agent
Dan Hennessey         Jewelry Shop Owner
Hadley Kay               Miner #2
Frank Welker            Miner #1 / Ostrich

#33: Dutch Treat

#34: The Great Divide

#35: Eye of the Dragon
Greg Duffell            Unfortunate Man
Don Francks            Thief #1
Dan Hennessey        Thief #2 / Mr. Chow's Henchmen
Hadley Kay              Mr. Chow / Grandson of Unfortunate Man

#36: Doubled Agent
Don Adams              Robo Gadget
Melleny Brown         Bank Teller
Jeri Cradden             MAD Agent #3
Greg Duffell             MAD Agent #1
Don Francks             MAD Scientist / MAD Agent #2
Dan Hennessey        Carnival Announcer
Hadley Kay              Head MAD Agent / Bank President / Shah of Freeland

#37: Plantform of the Opera

#38: Don't Hold Your Breath

#39: Gone Went the Wind

#40: King Wrong
Melleny Brown         Labella
Frank Welker           King Wrong

#41: Pirate Island
Melleny Brown         Pegleg Peg / Female Billionaire
Jeri Cradden             Billionaire
Greg Duffell             MAD Agent
Don Francks            Captain

#42: MAD Academy
Greg Duffell            MAD Agents
Don Francks            MAD Agents / Science Teacher
Hadley Kay              MAD School Principal

#43: No Flies on Us

#44: Luck of the Irish

#45: Prince of the Gypsies
Melleny Brown        Vespella
Greg Duffell            MAD Agent
Don Francks           The King
Hadley Kay             Ballah

#46: Old Man of the Mountain

#47: The Emerald Duck
Melleny Brown        Tour Guide / Stewardess
Jeri Cradden            Hermit
Don Francks           Macho Miguel

#48: Do Unto Udders
Greg Duffell           Agent 3
Don Francks           Agent Q
Dan Hennessey       Agent Y / MAD Agent #2
Frank Welker          Cows / Bull

#49: Did You Myth Me?
Jeri Cradden            Dr. Daedlaus / MAD Agent #2
Don Francks           Professor Musty / Big MAD Agent

#50: A Bad Altitude
Greg Duffell            Explosives Truck Driver
Don Francks            MAD Agent
Dan Hennessey        Ricardo
Hadley Kay              Taxi Driver / Hotel Manager / Police Officer

#51: Funny Money
Melleny Brown          Orphanage Owner
Jeri Cradden              MAD Police Guard
Greg Duffell              Laundry Truck Driver
Don Francks              Squint
Dan Hennessey          Inky
Hadley Kay               Loudspeaker Voice

#52: Follow That Jet
Don Francks             General

#53: Dry Spell
Melleny Brown          Ice Cream Shop Customer #3
Jeri Cradden              Trolls / MAD Water Salesman #1
Greg Duffell              Ice Cream Shop Cashier
Don Francks             MAD Water Salesman #2
Dan Hennessey         Ice Cream Shop Customer #1
Hadley Kay               Rick Boulder / Ice Cream Shop Customer #2

#54: Smelderaldo
Melleny Brown           Woman in Bank
Jeri Cradden               Dr. Stench
Don Francks              MAD Agent
Dan Hennessey          MAD Agent #2
Hadley Kay                Bank President / Colonel Breek / Ft. Bricks Guard

#55: The Quimby Exchange
Greg Duffell                MAD Agent #2 / MAD Agent #4
Don Francks                Nervous Nick Defecto
Dan Hennessey            MAD Agent #1 / MAD Agent #3

#56: Weather in Tibet
Melleny Brown              Tabu
Jeri Cradden                  Biplane Pilot
Dan Hennessey             Chameleon / MAD Captain / Guard
Hadley Kay                   Prof. Mongul / Real Captain / Merchant /
                                     Maharaja / Yeti / Prof. Moduel / Head Guard

#57: Unhenged

#58: Snakin' All Over
Greg Duffell                  Professor Venom
Don Francks                  Old Guard

#59: In Seine
Melleny Brown             Madame
Jeri Cradden                 LaPoof
Don Francks                LaPoof's Assistant / Butler

#60: Tree Guesses
Jeri Cradden                Pierre LaChop
Don Francks               Sven Vinceton

#61: Birds of a Feather
Greg Duffell                Mr. Finch / Cuckoo-Clock Bird / Lead Bird
Dan Hennessey            Police Captain
Hadley Kay                  Mr. Carrigos

#62: So It Is Written
Melleny Brown             Louise Lane
Don Francks                King Fezug
Dan Hennessey            MAD Agent

#63: Fang the Wonderdog
Jeri Cradden                 Miles Millions
Greg Duffell                 MAD Agent #2
Dan Hennessey            News Reporter / Studio Guard / Mailman
Hadley Kay                  MAD Agent #1
Frank Welker               Fang the Wonderdog

#64: School for Pickpockets
Melleny Brown             Female Pickpocket
Jeri Cradden                 LaDipp
Greg Duffell                Orderly
Dan Francks                Patches / Elevator Operator / Crazy Guy
Dan Hennessey            Pickpocket #1 / Psychiatrist

#65: Quiz Master
Jeri Cradden                Armored-Car Driver
Don Francks                The Quiz Master
Dan Hennessey            Joe Noodle


#66: Magic Gadget
Louis Nye                    The Great Wambini
Frank Welker               The Lesser Wambini

#67: The Great Wambini's Sťance
Ronald E. House          Old Man
Marilyn Lightstone        Boy
Louis Nye                     The Great Wambini
Frank Welker                The Lesser Wambini / News Reporter / Animals
Diz White                     Female Millionaire

#68: Wambini Predicts
Karen Hartman             The Queen
Ronald E. House           The King
Louis Nye                      The Great Wambini
Frank Welker                 The Lesser Wambini / MAD Stewardess #1 /
                                      MAD Stewardess #2 / MAD Stewardess #3

#69: The Capeman Cometh
Townsend Coleman        Corporal Capeman
Andy Goldberg               MAD Ninja
Ronald E. House            MAD Agent
Frank Welker                  MAD Agent / Alarm Clock

#70: Crashcourse in Crime
Ronald E. House            MAD Agent
Louis Nye                       MAD Agent
Frank Welker                  MAD Agent

#71: Gadget's Gadgets
Ronald E. House            MAD Paramedic
Rita Taggart                    Nurse
Frank Welker                  Dr. Noodleman

#72: Gadget in Minimadness
Louis Nye                       Professor Dumbkopf
Frank Welker                  The Linguinies

#73: The Incredible Shrinking Gadget
Louis Nye                        Professor Dumbkopf

#74: Gadget Meets the Grappler
Louis Nye                        Professor Dumbkopf / The Grappler
Frank Welker                   Train Engineer

#75: Ghost Catchers
Andy Goldberg                Butler
Don Knotts                     Male MAD Agent
Louis Nye                        Dr. Spectrum
Geneva Ann Simmons     Female MAD Agent
Rita Taggart                     Woman in Indian Costume
Frank Welker                   Various Characters

#76: Busy Signal
Ronald E. House              Truck Driver
Louis Nye                         Dr. Spectrum
Rita Taggart                      Crying Woman
Frank Welker                    MAD Agent / Mansion Owner

#77: Bad Dreams Are Made of This
Townsend Coleman          Sweetley
Louis Nye                         Dr. Spectrum
Frank Welker                    MAD Agent / News Reporter / Psychiatrist

#78: Focus on Gadget
Andy Goldberg                 Dr. Null
Frank Welker                    Dr. Void / Mayor / Harold

#79: MAD in the Moon
Andy Goldberg                 Dr. Null
Frank Welker                    Dr. Void

#80: N.S.F. Gadget
Andy Goldberg                 Dr. Null / Bank Guard
Frank Welker                    Dr. Void / Reginald / Prison Guard
Diz White                         Bank Teller

#81: Tyrannosaurus Gadget
Holly Berger                     Cave Penny
Andy Goldberg                 Professor von Slickstein
Rita Taggart                      Thelma Popkins
Frank Welker                    Museum Guard / MAD Agent #1

#82: Gadget's Roma
Don Adams                      Gadgetorum
Andy Goldberg                 Professor von Slickstein
Rita Taggart                      Librarian / Thelma Popkins
Frank Welker                    Prison Guard #1 / Prison Guard #2 /
                                         Emperor / MAD Agent
Diz White                         Dancer

#83: Gadget's Clean Sweep
Rita Taggart                      Thelma Popkins

#84: Gadget Meets the Clan
Andy Goldberg                 The Great-Great Grandfather
Ronald E. House              Les Renowned

#85: Gadget and Old Lace
Andy Goldberg                Delivery Boy
Karen Hartman                Viola
Ronald E. House              Les Renowned
Marilyn Lightstone           MAD Old Lady
Diane Pershing                 Sadie

#86: Gadget and the Red Rose
Andy Goldberg                Fingers
Ronald E. House             Les Renowned / "Spuds" Malone