Drinking Game

EVENT                                                                    WHAT TO DO       
Gadget says "Wowsers!"                                                            Take 1 swallow
Gadget driving his car recklessly                                                Take 1 swallow
Brain in unconvincing female costume                                       Take 2 swallows
Penny uses computer book to crack high-security electronics     Take 3 swallows
MAD Cat falls off desk when Claw pounds with his fist             Take 1 swallow
Gadget misfires one of his gadgets                                              Take 1 swallow
Wrong gadget appears                                                                Take 1 swallow*
Brain gets beaten up while saving Gadget's life                           Take 2 swallows
Penny tells Brain to "follow/keep an eye on Uncle Gadget"        Take 1 swallow
Corporal Capeman appears at all                                                Take 2 swallows
Chief Quimby in humiliating and unnecessary disguise
               Take 2 swallows
Chief Quimby's note explodes in his face                                     Take 1 swallow
Penny talks to Brain with her wristwatch                                     Take 2 swallows
Claw says "next time" twice when he vows revenge on Gadget     Take 5 swallows
MAD Agent begins conversation with "Yes Dr. Claw?"                Take 3 swallows
Gadget unwittingly helping MAD agents                                      Take 2 swallows
Female MAD Agent                                                                      Take 3 swallows
Gadget chases after Brain without recognizing him                       Take 1 swallow

* Three if it involves the Gadget Copter
** One swallow for every time Gadget yells "Stop!"